Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kate Glynn Support Improved Health Care Choice and Access

(Nashville, TN)


Kate Glynn is dedicated to America’s national security. She understands that a functioning health care system is vital to the nation’s safety and wellbeing. That is why Kate believes strongly in continuing to fix America’s broken health care system.

Kate has been and continues to be steadfast in her support of several key provisions of the current administration’s Patient Protection Affordability Care Act. However, she also knows that many Americans remain concerned about choice and access. As a mother and long time public servant, Ms Glynn recognizes the right of every American to timely and effective health care.

Many medical organizations have recognized that Kate Glynn is right on health care. She has worked in cooperation with the American Medical Association, the American Association of Retired Persons and numerous other key associations, all of which have expressed their support for her candidacy and admire her efforts to streamline the new health care law once elected.

More specifically, Kate Glynn has offered the following as her health care priorities:

· Seamless access to Medicare program of choice for retirees

· Expanded health care coverage for the uninsured in anticipation of the new law’s tiered health care coverage (which, on her platform, will include dental and prescription coverage)

· Added tax incentives for those families able to assist with in-home elder care vs nursing home placement.

· Added assistance and tax credits to dependent single working women with children.

· Tax credits in exchange for receiving preventive health vaccinations and participating in wellness programs.

Kate Glynn remains a steadfast supporter of the health care needs of our nation’s families. She has gone the extra mile to make sure that American families receive the options and benefits that they deserve.

Most importantly, Kate Glynn knows that a healthy America is a safe America!


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