Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kate Glynn Focused on Educational Access and Quality

(Cambridge, MA) For Immediate Release

Candidate Kate Glynn knows that the key to a secure America is an educated America! Within ten years, sixty percent of all jobs will require a college degree. Yet, currently only one in ten children starting kindergarten will go on to graduate from college. Kate Glynn thinks that this is simply unacceptable.

Kate’s approach towards fixing our educational system is simple. She believes we must focus on quality and access. To that end, Kate pledges to:

  • Improve the quality of teachers by improving teacher training programs and publishing best practices.
  • Keep kids off the streets by allowing more non-governmental organizations to assist in running after school and summer programs.
  • Work with organizations like Share Our Strength to ensure no child is hungry in school.
  • Improve access to higher education by increasing funding for Pell Grants.
  • Reward schools engaged in innovative reform practices and spread proven new techniques around the country.
  • Change the tax code to make higher education less of a burden on the household.
Kate Glynn knows that America will be at its strongest only when all of its children are educated. She is confident that, with her leadership, American students and citizens will live a brighter tomorrow.

Andrew Erskine
1019 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
Ph: 312-488-0540


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