Monday, April 18, 2011

Glynn Campaign via Chatzigakis responds to Olarte's Economic Plan

Michael Chatzigakis, Group 10

For immediate Release,

April 18, 2011

“It’s the economy, Fabian!!”

Throughout this campaign candidate Olarte has shown his lack of knowledge in economic affairs. Olarte has a vague economic plan which is full of generalizations while telling us nothing concrete about his future economic plans. What will Olarte do with the declining housing market? He gave no answer. What is Olarte’s position regarding the Big Bonuses in Wall Street? What has Olarte said about financial regulation so far? He did not even address these issues in any of his speeches.

What will Olarte do about the Nation’s most vulnerable? He said nothing about that as well. How is he planning to decrease unemployment? Obviously, he has no plan whatsoever. What is candidate’s Olarte position regarding the appreciated yuan which puts our country into a competitive disadvantage in trade? We are only days from the election and the public is still wondering. What is candidate Olarte’s plan regarding taxes? We don’t know yet - if he has a plan. What is candidate Olarte’s plan for a reduction in oil dependency? He has no plan.

The only thing that candidate Olarte said or did about economic policy is to sell fries at a local McDonald’s. Our country needs a President that will have a strong understanding and a concrete plan regarding economic policy. Our economy has gone through one of the most painful and severe recessions since the Second World War. The next President of the United States will not stand behind a register and serve fries but he/she will need to comprehend and appreciate the various fundamentals of the current economic situation and how to deal with the complex economic problems our country is facing.

Kate Glynn has spoken extensively about economic issues throughout her campaign and provided a clear and concrete plan regarding our future economic challenges. Glynn is able to provide solutions and deliver results that will help Americans to find a job, to pay for their houses, to be able to send their children to college, and to have sufficient health coverage.

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